Videos: The Sci-Fi Short Film Sand Castle

This is a the sci-fi short film Sand Castle

It was written and produced by Augusto Girolimetti, directed and edited by Alessandro Ubaldi, and stars Stephen M. Gilbert as Hob, the wise man Tristan Heers as Allan, the youngster. Check out the synopsis and short film below.

"In an undefined future where mankind have voluntarily abandoned technology to live back in nomadism, an old man initiates a kid to the reasons of humanity’s return to nature. Apparently teleportation had something to do with it. The elderly explains how mankind’s ancient dream of progress has brought to a limit-breaking society always in search for further steps to overcome. That was what happened in mobility, until the invention of human teleportation. This would have changed the game and from that point something mutated forever. With the encounter of an abandoned tele-port the wiseman reveals the rest of the story. In doing this he introduces his young companion to a fundamental question about our own species."