[Atlanta Film Festival] Short Films: Rebels Of The Neon God (Narrative Short Film Program) - Reviewed

Rebels of the Neon God is a collection of narrative shorts that were screened as part of the short film program at the Atlanta Film Festival.

The Film Festival's Neon God program contains five turbulent intersections of love and tech.

Wyrm - USA – Directed by Christopher Winterbauer  – This '80s quirky suburban coming-of-age tale looks at a young boy's quest to complete his Level 1 sexuality requirement (typically kissing). He'll be held back as part of the school's No Child Left Alone program if he can't get a liplock soon, forcing him to wear his electronic collar though high school. There have been plenty of weird, unusual and quirky teen stories before, Wyrm is somewhat reminiscent of a John Hughes or Wes Anderson story that has been thrown into a dystopian or futuristic society. The characters are unusual and the situation and dialogue are both funny and relatable, despite the abnormal collar and rules set in this society. Reid Miller is perfect as Wyrm, the socially awkward teen looking to get his collar "popped." With a great cast of characters, a fine synth score, and some really cool scenes, Wyrm is well worth checking out and this world deserves further exploration.

They Wait For Us – UK – Directed by Lukas Schrank & George Thomson – At an end-of-life facility, a loner hospital worker forms a relationship with a coma patient that he believes is communicating with him. Blending horror and sci-fi, this mysterious slow burn will have you clamoring to discover all of its secrets. The combination of terrific editing and camerawork, along with a haunting score create both an unsettling and panicked state for the audience and the subjects that they are watching on screen. 

Fundamental– Taiwan – Directed by ShihChieh Chiu - A story of a teenager who discovers the strange and terrifying reality behind fundamentalism. The film was unavailable to screen for review purposes.

STHLM Hunters – Sweden – Directed by Tor Helmstein – A pair of wannabe vigilantes try to find out if they really have the internet pedophile that they are seeking to punish. This intense and dark story is wonderfully crafted and takes us on a disturbing journey that we are not soon to forget. Based on a true story, this is the type of twisted technology tale that you come to expect in an episode of Black Mirror. 

Long Bueno – USA – Directed by Abilio Dias –  Mauro runs and runs, but Long Bueno remains far far away. The film was unavailable to screen for review purposes.