Comics: Babyteeth #10 - Reviewed

Babyteeth #10 opens up one year after Clark has been born, and finds Sadie in Palestine recording a message for Clark. The reader then travels back in time with Sadie to the events that brought her to where she is now. We are brought back to where episode #9 left off with Heather and Clark trapped together in a room and Clark is crying uncontrollably. We soon discover that when Clark screams, he can open a gateway known as the Red Realm, which is a place of pure evil. While Heather did her best to keep Clark safe, it did not stop the portal from opening up and swallowing them both. While this was going on, the Coyote busted the door open to Sadie’s cell and made sure that she and her dad got out in one piece. He gave them a plane to use to travel to safety and provided them with coordinates to a safe house. It is here that Sadie meets someone who has vital information regarding Clark and reveals a horrible reality for all of the “chosen” children.

This issue was one I truly enjoyed. Every character seems to be showing more personality with each episode. It is obvious to see that Sadie is a scared teenager, but she is also a concerned and loving mother, desperate to bring her baby back home to be with her. She has lots of strength which is demonstrated by the recording she makes for Clark where she tells him her reason for the recording is so she could tell him one more time that she loves him. Another character that was engaging for me was the Coyote. His no-nonsense attitude and protective nature really made him fun to watch. The fact that he gave a plane to Sadie and her dad so they could escape showed a soft side to his hard exterior. He has a desire to look after Sadie and keep her safe, as if she were his own daughter.

Garry Brown continues to do an amazing job on the artwork, as Sadie’s facial expressions are flawless and showcase her spectrum of emotions from devastation to loss to utter amazement. The beginning scenes with Heather and Clark actually look like they are being pulled towards the Red Realm and you can see Heather’s face contorting more and more as it pulls her in. As always, the colors by Mark Englert are spot on and match the action in the story. For example, there is more use of red when Clark is in a scene, which is fitting since he is the anti-Christ, the scenes involving the compound are more dull and dark, displaying the dreariness within it, and the scenes where Sadie and her dad reach Palestine in safety are bright and colorful, giving the reader a sense of safety for Sadie. If you have not started this series yet, I highly recommend it. Babyteeth #10 is available April 25, 2018.

-Amy Walker-Lafollette