Comics: Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter Volume 1 - Reviewed

Amy reviews Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

If you enjoyed watching the Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter movie, you will love this comic book series by the same name. This volume by Dan Abnett, collects the first four issues, and is a sequel to the 70s movie of the same name. The comic begins with Captain Kronos returning home to discover his entire family has been murdered and his town completely devastated by vampires. He then takes a pledge to not have any rest until he has gotten rid of every last vampire on Earth. As he travels from city to city hunting down vampires, he is implanting terror upon all the undead as he provides no sympathy or dwelling for them, only death. His journey leads him now to a small town in the middle of a rotting forest located within Eastern Europe named Serechurch, where armies of vampires dwell and hope to kill Captain Kronos. It is here Captain Kronos learns of a massive vampire called Slake who has a lair where he retains those he turns into vampires. As Captain Kronos fights alongside Grost and Carla, the trio will soon discover that it is not Slake who they need to be concerned with, but something much more sinister.

The main characters in this comic are well done and have great personalities. My two favorites are Grost and Carla, who are Captain Kronos’s partners. Grost is a professor and very smart and loves to teach others the art of vampire slaying, while Carla is a young beautiful girl and is constantly being bombarded by men of ill intentions. Because of this, she learned how to fight off men and uses that same spunk to combat the evil vampires. Even though she is new to battling vampires, she is extremely astute and proves invaluable to the cause.

I also enjoyed the scenes with the vampires because it was fun to see what their traits were and how differently they could be killed. Some vampires get burned by blessed metal, others get sores on their throats from silver dust, others can be killed by an iron pellet, and still others can only be killed by being beheaded. Their way of living is different as well. While some feed on blood, others need youth, and while some are scorched by the sun, others can be out during the daytime and not get hurt. It was fun to watch Captain Kronos fighting vampires and trying new things to figure out what kind of vampires he was battling.

The artwork by Tom Mandrake is wonderfully detailed and the fighting scenes are impressive. Sian Mandrake does great work with the colors as well, and really gets across the bleakness and horror within Serechurch. My personal favorites were the vampire death scenes. This truly was like watching a movie. I highly recommend this comic to anyone who enjoys a fun horror story.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette