Comics: Grimm Fairy Tales #14 - Reviewed

Amy reviews Grimm Fairy Tales #14

Even though this is the comic’s fourteenth issue, I came into this completely blind. The reason why I chose to review this comic was that I thought it would be dark, given that the title is Grimm Fairy Tales, and as we all know the Grimm brothers are known for their dark twisted plots, graphic violence and massive gore. But I must say that when I opened up this comic I was disappointed to discover how tame it was. One thing I did like, however, was that the beginning of the comic gives a brief overview to the reader so that whether you are reading this series for the first time or you have followed it since the first issue, you are aware of what is going on. This comic follows a young girl named Skye Mathers who is the daughter of Sela. Sela was the Guardian of the Nexus, but after her death, that job was passed down to Skye. Now with the help of her mentor Shang, Skye is trying to figure out the full scale of her powers, and figure out what binds her to the book of fairy tales.

The comic starts off by showing the Three Musketeers as they practice using their new powers. They are Carmen, whose specialty is the sword, Winter Sudam, who has the dexterity of an unmatched gymnast and is pretty handy with a sword herself, and Diego Garcia, who is extremely strong and has a body that is bulletproof. The three grow restless and decide to start fighting crime. Their heroics catch the attention of Shang who enlists Skye and her sidekick to bring the Three Musketeers back to him to see if he can figure out the association between them and Skye’s book. Will Skye succeed in bringing them back and find out more information regarding her stolen book?

The artwork by Marcelo Mueller is very beautiful and well done. While I was a little put off with the extremely sexualized female characters and their lack of clothing, I realize that this comic is made with the male audience in mind. That being said, I still find the artwork gorgeous and creative. I love Mueller’s use of angles and detail. The colors by Jorge Cortes are bright and vibrant and extremely well done. I love his attention to detail within the surroundings and the way he utilizes light and shadows. Mueller and Cortes work well together and make a great team.

While this comic seemed tame and lacked much action, I thought it was intriguing. I’m curious to know more about the characters and discover more of their background. Grimm Fairy Tales #14 is available for purchase April 4, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette