Comics: Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones #2 - Reviewed

Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones #2 starts off with a flashback to Valeros’s childhood. We see his frustration as his grandmother is trying her best to get him to read a spell book, while his father wants him to live a normal life away from magic. Valeros tells his grandmother that he wants to become a knight, which causes her to become angry and tell him that he can live an ordinary life and when he dies no one will notice. This thought said out loud in anger may prove to be more true than not.

The reader is now transported back to where the last episode left off and sees Valeros, all grown up, being picked up by a blue creature-like woman who wants to take his soul for herself. He meets a bird named Wini who convinces the woman to leave him alone, then goes on to tell Valeros that he has died and she will help him transition into death. He has entered a place called The Boneyard, where he awaits to be judged for his sins. It is here that Valeros meets Deshact Dor’Aquisto, a demon, and Geosielle, an angel. They tell him of his past sins and pull out a contract he supposedly signed trading his soul for power. When one of them calls him by the name Zeladar, he realizes that they are making a mistake. He tells them he is someone else, but they dismiss him saying they’ve heard that excuse before. When the angel and demon leave, Valeros asks Wini to help him escape since he is not who they think he is, but even she does not believe him. Soon after, Valeros comes face to face with his judge who tells him a shocking discovery about himself. Is Valeros really who he thought he was at all?

I like the fact that this episode focused more on only one character. The first issue had so many characters, that it was hard to get to know any of them enough to care about them. Focusing more on Valeros gives the reader a chance to truly care about the character and what happens to him as the episode goes on. He is relatable on many levels and the way he responds to what is happening to him is very realistic. Tom Garcia does a great job on Valeros’s facial expressions as well, which captures his thoughts quite nicely. I also enjoyed the colors by Morgan Hickman. It was interesting to see the flashback at the beginning in dull earth tones, but in the scenes following while they are in The Boneyard, everything is bright and vibrant. The writing by Crystal Frasier is well done and I was pleased with the humor displayed throughout. An extra bonus is a small continuing mini-story at the end of the comic that is entertaining as well. If you enjoy a fun read with lots of action, I’d highly recommend this comic. Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones #2 is available April 25, 2018.

-Amy Walker-Lafollette