Comics: Peek-a-Boo #2 - Reviewed

Amy reviews Peek-a-Boo #2

Peek-A-Boo issue two picks up right where the first issue left off. What started out as eleven people on a guided hike through Peek-a-Boo Gulch in Utah, has turned into a complete nightmare for the remaining nine hikers. The comic starts right off with the gory details as an unknown group of people attempt to kill more members of the group. It has been discovered that their cars were all disabled with their tires slashed and wires cut. Even the guide station was smashed. Believing that there is strength in numbers, Duncan, the guide, suggests the rest of the group stick together and travel during the day, while he ventures out alone in the middle of the night to get to the next guide station in order to inform the rangers what has happened. Will the rest of the group survive without him? Will Duncan make it safely to the next guide station, or will he never be seen again?

While the majority of the people in this comic are the stereotypical horror movie personalities, there are a few who stand out above the rest. My favorite characters within this comic would have to be the Colter family, or more specifically, the women in this family. Being a girl who doesn’t mind getting dirty, it’s extremely refreshing to see similar girls like me taking the helm for once and fighting the bad guys instead of waiting around for the boys to do their fighting for them. Their resourcefulness and wisdom is also invigorating. I love the cool way Debbie thinks up a plan to save Emmy even though they are both being kept hostage underground and she may not survive. This shows her true strength and selflessness.

The artwork by Marcelo Basile is extremely well done. It reminds me of a teen horror movie. I love the death scenes and how graphic they are. The facial expressions and the way the characters interact with each other are very realistic. I love the frustrated eye-roll John gives his sister Maggie. The little things like that help to add a fun humor to the horror around them. The colors are mostly natural earthy tones and dull and dark, which helps set the tone to match the dreadfulness of what is going on around the characters, and much of the action happens at night. This comic is action packed and a fun read for any horror fan. If you haven’t read the first issue, I highly recommend picking it up with this issue. Peek-A-Boo #2 is available now.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette