Interviews: Actress Tracey Birdsall Talks About The Comedy Who’s Jenna…?

This April, Jonathan Burke asks the question Who’s Jenna…?

From 624 Productions and Indican Pictures comes the comedy of the year, starring Tracey Birdsall and Bill Sorvino, on VOD and DVD April 24.

Jonathan Burke (Bill Sorvino), a successful financial advisor, starts dating Jenna Casey (Tracey Birdsall), an accomplished lawyer. Jonathan’s best friend, Andy Roma (Joseph D’Onofrio) is convinced she looks exactly like a famous adult film star. Not only does Jonathan have to deal with his friend’s nonsense, but he also has to juggle his relationship with his boss (Garry Pastore), who is possibly black-mailing him, and is Jenna’s brother in-law.

A case of mistaken identity creates a whirling storm of comical chaos in Jonathan’s world.

The film was written and directed by Thomas Baldinger, and stars Tracey Birdsall (Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter), Bill Sorvino (Mommy's Box), Garry Pastore (The Deuce), Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Vic Dibitetto (Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2), Jeremy Gilbert (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), Edwin Guerrero (The Other Guys), Jill Christy Reiss (The Good Wife) and Precious Pia. The legendary Amber Lynn makes a special appearance.

A film that "includes plenty of comedy, zaniness, drama, and porn” (B Movie Nation), Who’s Jenna…? is available starting on April 24th in 100+ million homes throughout Video On Demand, TV, rental stores and retail outlets.

Indie star Tracey Birdsall chats up her latest film, the rom-com Who’s Jenna..? – which releases on VOD and DVD this week from Indican Pictures.

TMS: Who’s Jenna…? Do you remember where you were when you came upon the project?

TBAlmost three years ago, I met the Director (Tom Baldinger) at the Action on Film Festival on awards night where I was receiving an honorary award (The Maverick Award). He came up to me after the festivities and introduced himself to make initial contact. After that he followed up with the script and an offer and we came to an agreement. It was a really easy decision to do this film as the script was truly a laugh a minute.

TMSWhat was the initial appeal for you?

TBSwitching it up with genre was my initial interest, followed by wanting to bring the character to life and experience her thought process and way of being. The appeal to me has to always be “do I want to spend hundreds of hours preparing this life and then live it?” If it’s not interesting to me, then it would have no appeal. As actors, we have to get fully immersed if we want the audience fully immersed… so that’s usually the deciding factor.

TMSHow long of a shoot was it?

TBThey shot this film in two parts as the rest of the main cast lived on the East Coast. I flew to New Jersey and we shot all of the scenes that I was in. They then reconvened a couple of months later and completed the shooting.

TMSAnd did it require you to move out to New Jersey?

TBI lived in a hotel during filming, and they took very good care of me!

TMSHow different did you find Jersey to Los Angeles?

TBI hadn’t really spent time in New Jersey before, but I had worked several years in New York - so it wasn’t really that different than expected. I mean, culturally, they have different aspects and ways of speech and dressing, but that happens when you travel anywhere. Additionally, the weather was ironically very California-like while we were there!

TMSAnd what did you do in your time off, there?

TBI had one day off shooting while I was there, and one familiar face when I arrived on set! Brian Millard was on crew for the shoot, and I had met him several years prior at a festival. On my day off, we spent the day together shopping and eating - Jersey style ;) I also made a point of going into Kevin Smith’s comic book store for some much needed selfies, t-shirts, and a Robbie the Robot purchase.

TMSDid you hang out a lot with your co-stars? Did they show you around?

TBWe hung out all day on set, and somewhat afterwards. Mostly I had to go back and prep for the following days scenes since I was in all of them. I got shown around a bit but it was all during filming. We had an absolute blast and I have many phone videos that will never see the light of day - but some of the funniest behind the scenes side-shows you’ve ever seen!!! Those videos are some of my favorites in my collection for sure!!!

TMSBeing one of the only women in the film, how was that set? Lots of pranks and laughing going on, I imagine?

TBIt was constant to say the least. I mean, you’re hanging out all day with these comedic actors with strong Jersey accents and everyone was constantly kidding around!

TMSWhat’s one thing people probably don’t realize about Who’s Jenna…? Any trivia for us?

TB: As you probably are aware, the title originally had a last name in it. I don’t know if I am supposed to mention it, but it got removed so probably no harm done. It became this huge ordeal surrounding image rights, etc., when in actuality it would be a compliment to have a movie be about a doppelgänger for someone. The producers took the simpler route and added a twist at the end to make it more vague, but I was amazed. I mean, really, if someone wanted to make a film called Who’s Tracey Birdsall? I mean, this is a comedy here… and I do watch South Park