Trailers: The Upcoming Thriller Billy Boy

This is a trailer for Billy Boy

It was written by actor Blake Jenner, directed by Bradley Buecker, stars Jenner, Melissa Benoist, Grant Harvey, Nick Eversman, Nathaniel Stroud, Melissa Bolona, Greg Germann, Jim Beaver and Andre Royo. it will be releases on June 15th on VOD and the following theater locations:

 Beverly Hills- Laemmle Music Hall 
New Jersey – Center Cinemas at the Williams Center 
Chicago – Cinemas Entertainment 10 
Sacramento – State Theatre Modesto 
Dallas- AMC Irving 10 
Minneapolis- Emagine Lakeville 
Houston- Windchimes Cinema 8 
Cleveland- AMC Classic Solon 16 Phoenix- Silver Cinemas 
Detroit- Emagine Royal Oak

"When Billy’s (Blake Jenner, Glee) friend is found dead, his world unravels. As he tries to move on, he falls in love with Jennifer (Melissa Benoist, Supergirl), but his life is unexpectedly threatened by the sins of his past."