Videos: New Clip For The Fantasy Horror Film Braid

This is a new clip for Braid.

It was written and directed by Mitzi Peiron, and stars Madeline Brewer, Imogen Waterhouse, and Sarah Hay. It is currently being screened at Tribeca looking for distribution. Check out the synopsis and clip below.

“Braid follows Petula Thames (Imogen Waterhouse) and Tilda Darlings (Sarah Hay), two self-proclaimed artists turned dealers on the run. After mishandling thousands of dollars in narcotics, the girls are given forty-eight hours to repay their vengeful drug lord. Fleeing town, they head to the desolate mansion of wealthy childhood friend, Daphne Peters (Madeline Brewer), with their sights set on house’s safe. Daphne, living secluded in the manor, has grown into a dangerous schizophrenic and prisoner of the fantasy world the three created as children. To abscond with her money, the girls are forced to take part in Daphne’s twisted, bloody game of make-believe, a demented maze of hallucinations, role play, torture…and murder.”