Videos: The Sci-Fi B-movie Short Film Cell

This is the sci-fi short film Cell.

 A throwback to the VHS era, Cell is a Sci-Fi B-movie short film written by Alex Hollister and directed by Paul Holbrook (A Girl and Her Gun, Sunday Worship) of Shunk Films. The film stars Laurence Saundersm Lloyd Sandall, Livvie May, and Lee Stevens, and was produced alongside the talents of Sascha May (SaschaMayProductions) and Matt Harris-Freeth (Robot Dinosaur). Check out the synopsis and short film below.

"A cowardly deserter is captured during WWII and awakens in a strange underground cell, alongside a mysterious female prisoner. The pair are forced to take part in a cruel psycological experiment to earn their freedom, where all is not what it seems."