Comics: The Beautiful Death #1 - Reviewed

Imagine that insects have taken over the world and all that is left is you and two others. Nothing is as it once was. The destruction and chaos are all around you as you live day after day struggling to survive wondering where your next meal will come from, if it is even still edible, and constantly looking over your shoulder to see if the insects are coming after you. For Jeremiah, Wayne, and Soham, this is their reality. After many years of being constantly on the run with no place to call home, they finally discover someone else who has also managed to stay alive. It is a girl named Robin, who had predicted the war with the insects before any of it happened. She is somehow connected to the Queen insect who wants to plunder the Earth's resources. Can the four of them defeat the Queen before she destroys the last pieces of life on Earth? And will they be able to restore Earth to the beauty it once was?

The dialogue between Jeremiah, Wayne, and Soham is extremely believable given their circumstances. Jeremiah and Soham constantly bicker, and it gets worse as the comic continues, which is exactly how it would be in real life. The three of them are together all the time for five years straight. They are bound to argue with each other and get on each other's nerves. It is interesting for me to see how their personalities change throughout the comic, especially in the character Wayne. He seems so normal at the beginning, and then goes completely crazy towards the end. Also, the comic delves into their backgrounds, which shows how they helped shape them into who they are today. Even though each character is different from one another, they all complement each other.

I love how the colors add to the scenery. The dull brown, green, blue, and burgundy tones capture how depressing and devastating the world is. The attention to detail in the background is superb. The empty buildings, playground, cars, and streets add to the horror of the scene. The expressions on the characters faces capture the struggles and difficulties that they are facing. This world written and drawn by Mathieu Bablet is absolutely amazing. If you enjoy science fiction, you will enjoy this comic. 

-Amy Walker-LaFollette

The Beautiful Death is available for purchase May 29, 2018.