Comics: Betrothed #3 - Reviewed

Imagine if your whole life was planned out for you including who you would have sex with. For Kieron and Tamara this is their reality. In Betrothed #3, our young heroes discover the only way to bring peace, prosperity, unity, and harmony to Priam is to become one with each other. Literally. It’s obvious that Kieron and Tamara have different feelings about this, and while Kieron seems to be ok with it, Tamara does not take the news lightly. She has mixed emotions regarding the whole thing. She’s upset because she is a virgin and wants to be able to make her own choice about who she sleeps with. On the other hand, she has strong feelings for Kieron. But then again, does she like him on her own accord or is it because of the prophecy? On top of battling these thoughts, she also has to face a barbarian who is trying to kill them both in order for the prophecy not to come true as he and his followers don’t want peace coming to Priam. Working together, they use a quartz rock Kieron’s aunt Petra gives them to send the barbarian back. But it soon becomes clear that they are not safe yet. What will the future hold for Kieron and Tamara?

This issue was my favorite one in this series so far. The writing by Sean Lewis is hilarious and realistic, especially when Andy speaks. Andy’s character was my favorite, and while has made me laugh before, this issue gives him the best lines and will make you literally laugh out loud, even though he may not always be purposely trying to be funny. It’s amusing to watch his personality come out a little more, and you can clearly see the insecurity about his weight come into play within this issue. I also liked seeing Tamara’s personality come out more as well within this comic. It was entertaining to see the turmoil she was going through, and I particularly enjoyed the part where the four of them are at a party and she sees a drunk girl flirting with Kieron. Her reaction was spot on to how the majority of women would react which made it very humorous.

The art by Steve Uy is great. He captures the characters’ expressions perfectly, as well as their body language. His manga style of drawing really shines in his action scenes, and I enjoy his use of bright vibrant colors. If you have not started this comic series yet and you enjoy action and adventure, I recommend picking this issue up along with the last two. Betrothed #3 is available for purchase May 9, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette