Comics: Factory #3 - Reviewed

Factory #3 opens with the Baron, Gucco, being told that the last precog, or precognitive fetal creature, they were trying to create had failed. Gucco is dependent on the precogs for his survival. If they can’t produce one, he is worried that he will die. However, one of the past precogs had a vision regarding a man pig, and one of Gucco’s guards told him that they found him, which brought hope back to Gucco. Although the guards torture the man, he never says anything, and instead, ends up dying from a virus that now has contaminated the Factory. On top of this, there is a revolt going on against the Factory, led by a man named Doug Quaid. He helps the people realize the lies they’ve been told by the Baron, especially regarding food. They become angry that they starve while he keeps getting fatter. The people accept Quaid as their leader and they head to the Factory to take it down once and for all. The people know there is security surrounding the Factory. Will they be able to evade the Factory’s defense? And what will happen to those inside the Factory as the disease spreads?

One of the things I love about this comic is the mini stories within it. One such story is about a man pig named Raul who is traveling with two humans. His name is Vigo, and he meets two men who look like him who claim that he is part of their tribe and had gone missing, and they were thankful they found him again. While Vigo doesn’t remember any of this, the two men take Vigo and the humans to their village Zamunda, where the land is still pure and the ground is fertilized. This village is a complete contrast to the desolate world surrounding the Factory. It is a fun reminder to me that while everything may look bleak and dreary, there is always hope.

The writing and art was all done by Yacine “Elgo” Elghorri. To me, the colors and art within this comic show the devastation in the land and how horrible the living conditions are for those who live outside the Factory. Using gloomy and dismal earth toned dull colors, the desolation of the planet is brought to life, showcasing the rotting world that the people are inhabiting. If you enjoy science fiction and fantasy, I highly recommend picking up this series. It may be a little out there, but it’s very entertaining and interesting. Factory #3 is available for purchase May 23, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette