Comics: Grimm Fairy Tales #15 - Reviewed

Grimm Fairy Tales #15 starts off with action and intrigue as a man named Hector Gonzalez is running away from two police officers after stealing a bottle of liquor from the discount liquor store. Trapping him in an alley, the cops tell him to keep his hands up. However, Hector thinks if he tries to give the officers the stolen liquor they will leave him alone. Instead of reaching his hands up, he reaches inside his coat pocket to give them the stolen booze. Thinking he’s getting a gun, the two cops open fire on the man, killing him. Feeling guilty, the police officers decide to turn themselves in.

Hector’s death gains the attention of the Black Knight, who vows for justice against his killers. When she finds the policemen she tells them that since they abused their power and killed an innocent man, she would kill them in the same way. Before she can harm them though, Skye comes onto the scene, stopping the Black Knight in her tracks. It doesn’t take long before the Black Knight tries again. Will she defeat Skye and take justice on the two cops? And exactly what part does Merlin play in all this?

Some of the characters that stood out to me in this issue were the two cops. I was intrigued by the cops because they were like everyday people. They made a horrible mistake and tried to make it right by turning themselves in. And they don’t say a word at all when people yell at them and throw things at them and call them names. Instead they look remorseful and humble and I especially love the way they continue to try to help people even when the people don’t like them. They have many sides to them, which makes them all the more relatable and real. The Black Knight also stood out to me as I appreciated the conflict within her as she fought for justice for Hector, and I love her compassion for those who are not as well off as everyone else.

The artwork by Leo Rodrigues is beautiful and the use of colors by Jorge Cortes is absolutely breathtaking. The angles and attention to detail in the action sequences are exquisite. The facial expressions are realistic and spot-on. Rodrigues and Cortes make a great team as the illustrations are some of the best I’ve ever seen and really make this comic stand out. Grimm Fairy Tales #15 is available for purchase May 16, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette