Comics: Peek-a-Boo #3 - Reviewed

Peek-A-Boo #3 gives us more insight into the Colter family as it opens up with a flashback to the year prior, showing the funeral for Mr. Colter. Debbie, who was definitely a daddy’s girl, had the hardest time coping with his loss, and was emotionally devastated. It then cuts back to reality as the reader sees Debbie underground with the creatures. Locking her up tightly, she is rendered unable to escape. However, she is determined to find a way out. Looking around, she notices another girl nearby also locked up tightly. However, it is clear the creatures have been abusing her. Startled by Debbie’s appearance and excited that someone else is there, the girl starts screaming hysterically for Debbie to help her. Hearing her cries, the creatures come back to silence her once and for all. All Debbie can do is watch in terror.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, everyone is tired of waiting around for the guide to show up, and they start to fight amongst themselves. It soon becomes clear the only one with any kind of plan is Pam, whose main goal is to find Emmy and Debbie and kill as many creatures as she can in the process. Getting out her weapons, she gets the group ready to fight, but it is clear some members of the group are not willing to work together. With the creatures quickly closing in, will the group be able to work together to fight them or will their bickering be the end of them? And will they ever find Emmy and Debbie?

While the majority of the characters are stereotypical, they are enjoyable to watch. The banter between the characters written by Victoria Rau is very entertaining. My favorite character in this issue is Pam. I love her attitude and how she uses her intelligence to formulate a plan and does her best to carry it out. While she may have a tough exterior, she has a soft loving side for her family and raised her kids to be fiercely independent. This mom is awesome.

Marcelo Basile does an excellent job with the graphics, and I love the use of color in this comic. They are vivid, and the scenes set at night are spooky and animated well. The characters’ expressions are perfect, my favorite being the eye roll Pam gave Barry. In addition, the illustrations used for the fighting and death scenes are amazing! This series has quickly become one of my favorites. If you enjoy horror movies, you will like this comic. Peek-A-Boo #3 is available for purchase May 16, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette