Comics: Pumpkinhead #3 - Reviewed

Pumpkinhead #3, written by Cullen Bunn, opens up with Sheriff Andi and Deputy Daryl on their way to the Kinkades, with Bunt, the town drunk. Although Daryl is skeptical, Bunt tells them that it’s getting dark soon which means Pumpkinhead will be out to kill as he prefers to kill at night. Ignoring him, Andi and Daryl reach the Kinkades’ house wanting answers. However, all they receive is more questions as they hear a horrible sound coming from inside. Paying no attention to the gentleman at the door, they barge into the home to discover what caused the noise. Inside they find Mr. Kinkade who tells them that it will begin again tonight and it will end tonight.

The reader is then taken to Lucas and Bedelia’s house as the two of them await their fate with Pumpkinhead, along with Clayton. They don’t have to wait long as Clayton hears a chilling noise only to discover Pumpkinhead is on the roof. Before Pumpkinhead can reach them though, three of the five demons summoned by the sisters at the end of last issue, come to attack Pumpkinhead as they are jealous that he is summoned more than any other demon. As Sloth, Envy, and Lust take on Pumpkinhead, who will Pride and Greed go after?

The characters in this comic all have personalities as unique as them. One of my favorites is Bedelia. While she didn’t get a whole lot of time in this issue, her character was still captivating in the way she presented herself and had a menacing look on her face as she spoke. She has a lot of wisdom about the demons, including Pumpkinhead, and it shows. She really helps the reader understand the inner thoughts and feelings of each demon.

While this comic lacked gory fight scenes, the action was still entertaining. The fighting between the demons was suspenseful and fun to watch as Pumpkinhead proved he would not go down without a fight. I thoroughly enjoyed Blacky Shepherd’s illustrations and the way they capture the facial expressions and feelings of the characters. I also appreciated the rich colors that were used by Arancia Studio, and the additional continuation bonus story at the end is a pleasant supplement to this tale. If you enjoy horror and suspense, I recommend picking up this comic if you haven’t already. Pumpkinhead #3 is available for purchase May 9, 2018. 

-Amy Walker-LaFollette