Comics: Young Terrorists Volume 1 - Reviewed

What would you do if you found out everything you knew was a lie? For Sera Solomon, this is her reality. Young Terrorists Volume 1 follows young Sera as she learns the life she thought she had is no longer her own. This comic is full of action from the very first scene, and from the beginning the reader is sucked into a terrorist plot as Sera’s dad, Gregor Solomon, is blown up by a suicide bomber in a coffee shop. As if that wasn’t enough, Sera discovers all sorts of weapons in her high school locker and realizes she’s been set up as a terrorist herself. The police get involved and that is when the torturing begins. Poor Sera is made to hang by her hands completely naked for weeks as they question her for answers that she doesn’t know. After two weeks of being put through this torture, someone gives her a razorblade so she could end her life if she so chose and stop the torture. But instead, this young heiress decides to fight back. Using the razor, she shaves half of her head, not only drastically changing her looks, but changing her personality as well as she decides to take down the empire her father had built.

The characters in this comic are nicely done and well-rounded. One of my favorites is a man Sera calls Cesar, even though that isn’t his real name. She gave him a whole new life and a way to start over. It was so much fun for me to watch this character grow from a scared punk into someone who is brave and passionate about his friends. Even though he is a horrible fighter throughout the comic, it’s fun to see him fight for something that is meaningful for him towards the end. Sera herself is a great character and I enjoy her backstory, especially hearing about her dad. Her childhood was not an easy one. Her dad would physically fight with her as she grew up and one of the things he tried to teach her was how to keep a level head when the room is spinning. It was this piece of advice that had the most meaning on her life and was the most helpful to her in every situation, and it’s great to see her use that to her advantage.

This comic, written by Matteo Pizzzolo, is extremely well done. The words coming out of the characters mouths are relatable and realistic. There is a lot of dark and sarcastic humor, which is right up my alley. Not only is it entertaining in that aspect, but the art by Amancay Nahuelpan is absolutely amazing. You can almost feel the pain on the characters’ faces and their expressions are perfect. The fight scenes are impressive and the colors used by Jean-Paul Csuka draw you in with every spread. This comic contains adult content and is definitely more geared for mature audiences. If you enjoy a good drama with lots of action and unforgettable characters, I recommend checking this comic out. Young Terrorists Volume 1 is available May 2, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette