DVD Releases: Fags in the Fast Lane (2018) - Reviewed

Every year there are always at least a small number of weird and strange films that come out, making purveyors of filth and trashy cinema laugh and possibly even vomit just a little bit. Fags in the Fast Lane is unequivocally hands down the weirdest picture of the year so far, a totally hilarious and campy superhero comedy that lovingly pushes the boundaries of taste as far as it possibly can go and then goes even further. It is reminiscent of the total insanity that comes with anything produced by Troma, John Waters, Full Moon Features, and Japanese motion pictures like Calamari Wrestler and The Machine Girl and mixes it with the 1966 Batman TV series, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, gay exploitation films, Ozploitation, and Forbidden Zone. If you love cult and trash cinema, then this outrageous and over-the-top schlock is required viewing.

The story essentially takes the superhero antics of Adam West and Burt Ward in the live action Batman TV series and mixes it in with an assortment of cult cinema subgenres, most notably Ozploitation since the film originates from Australia. After Kitten’s bordello is robbed by a grotesque band of burlesque villains called The Chompers, she calls on her superhero son Beau AKA The Cockslinger and his crime fighting team. As they search for her jewels and a magical golden cock (yes, you read that right), they encounter a host of bizarre characters, revolting villains, eunuch assassins, rock n roll bands, dance numbers, and androgynous Elvis impersonators. Josh Sinbad Collins has taken over the reigns of John Waters as one of the new masters of cinematic trash, having previously provided us with Pervirella and The Perv Parlor. Collins and co-writer Steven G. Michael throw just about everything you can think of into this trashterpiece, merging so many different subgenres of cult cinema into one deviantly crazy flick.

There isn’t anything particularly impressive about the way the film looks or how it was shot, which actually helps add to its trashy charm and DIY attitude. The special effects are superb and gross, with a number of outlandish props and Troma-esque gore sequences. There is also a wide variety of props and practical effects used that include animation, claymation, puppetry, and the use of action figures and toys. The use of toys and miniatures lends to some of the funniest parts of the film, or at the very least some of my favorite moments. The score is a wonderful collection of ‘70s music and bands making appearances in the movie, which included The Mummies and King Khan and His Tandoori Knights. The sound effects are pretty spectacular as well and are filled with a bunch of ridiculous sounds that you might have expected from the 1966 Batman series or Scooby Doo cartoons.

The acting is as over-the-top as everything else in this picture, perfectly capturing the campiness. Almost every actor had at least one scene that was either so absurd or comical that they will end up being remembered for it. Chris Asimos plays The Cockslinger, who closely resembles the classic look of a comic book hero or wrestler that also comes with a bulging member in his pants and overly fake mutton chops. Matt Jones play Lump, The Cockslinger’s right hand man, who closely resembles Australian actor Roger Ward (Mad Max, Turkey Shoot). Sasha Cuha is the badass femme Salome, who is clearly inspired by Tura Satana’s character in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Rounding out the cast is King Khan, who has an amazing song and dance number about his Golden Cock and former Russ Meyer vixen Kitten Natividad.

Fags in the Fast Lane is the ultimate trasherterpiece that follows in the footsteps of queer classics like Pink Angels, The Gay Deceivers, and Zorro the Gay Blade. With its wild collection of adult humor and dialogue, great music, cheap effects, and outlandish characters, Fags in the Fast Lane is recommended viewing for fellow purveyors of filthy cinema.

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-Raul Vantassle