Horror News: Atmo Horrox Is Available Now

The indie horror film Atmo Horrox is now available on VOD through Vimeo. It is described as a “psychedelic horror, an experimental satire wrapped into an absurd mystery thriller.” It was written and directed by Pat Tremblay‘s and stars Roch Desrosiers, Syl Disjonk, Claude Dube, Pawel Kroi, Laurent Lecompte, Donald Levesque, Martin Savard, and Tremblay. It will also be on Amazon starting Friday, May 11th in the US and UK.

“The movie is a very weird one,” said Tremblay. “It’s kind of a psychedelic horror b-movie inside an experimental satire and then wrapped into a cryptic mystery thriller…” Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

 “Through a very surreal chase of spying and surveillance, Catafuse, a dubiously dressed “creature”, hunts down specific human targets with the help of Molosstrap. But in a world completely run by the shadowy hands of the pharmaceutical industry, the lines of reality become so blurry and complex, that the mastering of insanity might just be the only way out…”