Images: Poster & Stills For The Psychological Thriller Memento Mori

This is a poster and stills for the psychological thriller Memento Mori, which is being introduced on the market of Cannes by the international sales agency EuroObscura. It is the first feature length film from Michael Vermaercke, known for the short film The Disturber. 

The psychological thriller focuses on a teenage girl in a coma as she relives the events that led to her trauma. The main character is Fleur (lead actress Charlotte De Wulf), a teenager whose life seems perfect: beautiful, popular, rich. Yet she has a dark secret which is revealed during a pool party, where a violent incident happens that will end with her in a coma. Vermaercke said that:

 “the film is about the fears and insecurities” of teenagers who are about to enter adulthood.

Check out the images and poster below.