[Longleaf Film Festival] Lost in Buffalo City (2017) - Reviewed

What happened to John Miller? We'll tell you what happened. 

Horror comes in all shapes, sizes, lengths, and formats. In recent years, my favorite genre has seen a major upswing in great content from younger directors that are making their voices heard through creating short films that alter expectations as they curtail repeated tropes or trends. While Wallace's entry into lower budget horror fare definitely rides a fine line between originality and minor cliche, his release which is showing at the Longleaf Film Festival and streaming on Amazon Prime is a definite sign that we might see greatness from this director. 

For his first short film which clocks in right around thirty minutes, he makes use of a great lead actor and knows how to use his limited means or funds to full effect. When a journalist ignores warnings about apparitions and ghostly things happening in the coastal swamp, the writer decides to take the plunge by investigating the mystery himself. Of course, things go sideways as the main character experiences the exact evil he feared. Director Wallace knew exactly what he was doing here. He makes a limited length release that could eventually be turned into a full length feature. The ideas here are along the lines of the Blair Witch and could easily be extended into a ninety minute movie that could make full use of the new mythos they've made. 

I just want to find Swamp Thing. Then things will be okay. 

2017's release of Lost in Buffalo City is further proof that sometimes a shorter indie film with a little bit of heart can outdo some of the bigger name features and franchises that seem to constantly take the spotlight from smaller gems like this. Although it's only a thirty minute project, Raymond Wallace creates a vital piece of genre folklore that definitely works with a strong character that loses his way in the wild while investigating the legend of a lost civilization on the Outer Banks. 

If you're a horror fan, this is one you might want to check out. Again, it's simple and to the point. But sometimes, that's the best way to go.