New Horror Releases: Surreal Horror: Atmo HorroX (Reviewed)

Residential America has found a new horror. And this time, it's so weird that even the most die hard genre fans might start questioning their own mentality. When big pharma controls the land, reality and sanity are called into question as Catafuse and Molosstrap seek fresh victims. What transpires is a surreal story of domestic nightmare fuel. Director Pat Tremblay attempts something so new and daring that we have no choice other than to give it this glowing review. 

Indie horror gets a head smashing dose of hilarity and gore in the new low budget feature Atmo HorroX. Kicking right in with a face pounding sequence that pits man against a strange creature and home invaders, this little project doesn't hesitate to be mix pure silliness and gore into a synth laden flick that's high on paranoia laced with goofball jabs at the genres it's paying tribute to. Using a diverse color palette that's obviously meant to jab our eyes out with colorful pleasure,  Atmo HorroX is a totally confusing movie that doesn't really care. Instead, you can tell the guys that made this thing are just trying to have as much fun as they can while they throw strangely saturated scenes at their waiting audience. Laced with non-perverse phallic humor and psychedelic hues of orange, purple and reds, this thing is a nearly nondescript trip that might require some patience as actual dialogue is nowhere to be found. 

While an inept antagonist roams the neighborhoods with balloons taped to his nether region, roller skates strapped to his feet, and a panty hose on his face, an older neighborhood watchmen peruses the streets hoping to capture the (non) terrifying madman. This is as close to a plot as this thing ever gets. But, it's so tongue in cheek that horror fans might latch onto the sheer amount of satire that's intertwined into the amateur movie project. 

The modern revelation of independent film making is allowing directors to streamline their projects to formats that allow the oddest projects to find a home. The release of Atmo HorroX is another case where art and perseverance fall outside the guidelines of average cinema by sidestepping all the norms we typically expect. As it might not find a huge following with the average viewer, one thing becomes quite clear. This is a piece of art, beautiful flaws and all. If you're a follower of the oddities of Beyond the Black Rainbow, you may find something to love here, even if this is deficient of that film's budget. 

I'm still not even sure of what was just burned into my optic nerve, but it was grand. If you've ever been into old school Troma or have a penchant for the off kilter, Atmo HorroX is one you want to see. And the totally retro creature design and visual effects only add to the many reasons to see this one.