News: Bad Batch Director Ana Lily Amirpour's Next Film The Fantasy Adventure Blood Moon

Ana Lily Amirpour's sophomore feature is a potent cocktail of layered social commentary and brutal, divisive violence. Amirpour is trading in the post-apocalyptic setting of the Mad Max-style The Bad Batch for the fantasy adventure Blood Moon.

First reported by Deadline, Amirpour will be bringing Blood Moon to the Cannes  next week. The film is being billed as a “mind bending adventure set in the swampy neon-lit streets of New Orleans, and inspired by fantasy-adventure movies of the 80’s and 90’s.”

At its center is a girl with strange and dangerous abilities, who escapes from a mental asylum and rejoins the chaos of modern-day civilization, on the hedonistic streets of the French Quarter.

Amirpour said that:

 “I wanted to tell a stylized fairy tale and in New Orleans you have a specific, unique place where there is so much history and this openly hedonistic debauchery that is led by pleasures of the flesh. I thought that was an interesting place to set a story about a girl who has some disturbing abilities but who isn’t acclimated in any way to society, and learns to be with people in such a chaotic place.”