News: Clerks Are Dead: Kevin Smith Says Clerks III Isn't Happening

For years now, fans of Kevin Smith and his specific brand of humor had hoped that he would return to the world of Clerks for a third entry in the series. When Clerks II turned out to be better than anyone could have imagined, another sequel looked like it might happen. The idea has been tossed around with Smith announcing that the third was going to eventually go into production. Now, when discussing the project during a Fat Man on Batman Q&A, the director said that Jeff Anderson AKA Randal was no longer interested in the project:

“For a while, one of the clerks did not want to be involved. I wrote the script, he dug the script, he was just like,'Yeah, don't wanna do it.' It took me years to get him to a place where,'Oh, maybe I'll do this.' And then it looked like we were moving forward. We had loot for it. $8 million. That was the budget.”

After all this time, it looks like Clerks III is dead. For followers of Smith this will come as a major disappointment as this was the launching pad of his career.