News: Mel Gibson To Direct World War II Film, Destroyer

Gibson is back with another film about World War II. 

After a series of events in Mel Gibson's personal life, his career as a director and an actor were both on life support. But in 2016, he came back with the stellar war epic Hacksaw Ridge that ultimately seemed to revitalize the man's standing in Hollywood and even garnered him an Oscar nomination for best director. Although he's a flawed person, his talent for creating great motion pictures is still relentless. Now, he's going to be back behind the camera directing another piece about World War II called Destroyer. 

Centered on the Battle of Okinawa of 1945, Gibson will be given another chance to visit a period that he seems to have a firm grasp on. Based on John Wukovitz' Hell From The Heavens: The Epic Story of the USS Laffey and World War II's Greatest Kamikaze Attack, the story centers on 32 naval officers that defend against 22 different Kamikaze attacks by the Japanese military. It's said that this may serve as a companion piece to Hacksaw Ridge.