News: Snake Eyes Spinoff Movie In The Works

Paramount Pictures is expanding its upcoming lineup of Hasbro and G.I. Joe films, with popular G.I. Joe character Snake Eyes is getting his own movie.
Evan Spiliotopoulos is in talks to write the script, who recently signed on to write the sequel to Bright. His most recent writing credits include Hercules (2014), The Huntsman: Winter’s War and Beauty and the Beast (2017). Brian Goldner is producing the feature based on the Hasbro character.

Snake Eyes is the code name for the silent ninja commando, who first appeared in the '80s as part of Hasbro and Marvel Comics’ relaunch of the toyline, titled G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. He is the original commando and much of his history has remained classified throughout his various depictions, including his real name, place of birth, and service number. The character is dressed in all black, with a visor that covers his face. In one of his first missions with 
G.I. Joe films, he was badly disfigured in a helicopter explosion that resulted in multiple surgeries and permanently damaging his vocal cords. He has had a romantic  relationship with fellow team member Scarlett and sometimes carried out solo missions with his pet wolf, Timber. His archenemy is Storm Shadow, a ninja who is also his blood brother. He has also had several apprentices.

Paramount has made two Joe movies, 2009’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and 2013’s G.I Joe: Retaliation, saw martial artist and stunt actor Ray Park playing Snake Eyes in both movies. There is no word of the actor will be portraying him again or if they will recast.

The studio and Hasbro have been looking to reboot the franchise for some time and in the last few years have assembled writers to generate movie ideas.

Hasbro has recently unveiled plans to overhaul their film offerings, with the  goal of developing a Marvel-style cinematic universe, where their toy properties would exist side-by-side. In a recently unveiled slate, a new G.I. Joe film would hit theaters in 2020. It’s unclear if the solo Snake Eyes film will be taking that spot or be released on a different date. The studio has also set release dates for Micronauts in 2020, Dungeons and Dragons in 2021, and an untitled Paramount/Hasbro Event film for 2021 as well. A Transformers reboot and films for M.A.S.K. and ROM Spaceknight are also in various stages of deleopment.