News: Subscription War: Sinemia Introduces New Plans Amid Moviepass Drama

Moviepass changed the game. Now other services are cashing in on the idea. 

Just a couple weeks ago, Moviepass saw a huge influx of complaints when the theater subscription giant decided to change its plans to limit the number of movies its members could see. Some people were told that they were now limited to four movies a month. This is when things got ugly. Their FB page lit up with thousands of complaints and some even talked the legalities of a bait and switch. Luckily though, the company decided to go back to unlimited movies monthly but is still not allowing its paying customers to see a movie more than once, which is something they touted less than a year ago. 

Now, its main competitor Sinemia is offering a four tiered plan that will allow people to pick and choose what type of service they'd like, something that Moviepass has ultimately failed to do. For $4.99 a month, theater goers can see one film in standard format. But when you bump up to the $6.99 plan you can see two movies a month in any format including 3D, IMAX, or any variance on the premium screening. For $14.99, you can see 3 movies in any format also. 

While this isn't super competitive with Moviepass, it shows that the idea of a paid monthly fee for movie tickets is beginning to show signs of strength, as even the major theater chains have reported they're seeing a major uptick in audiences.