News: The Witch Director's Next Horror Film Being Shot In Black & White

The Witch director's Robert Eggers is the fantasy horror film The Lighthouse, which reteams him with the production company A24. It was written and being directed by Eggers, with Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson starring. 

 Editor Louise Ford (The Witch, Don’t Breathe) revealed some interesting information regarding the film, telling Mandy News that it is being shot it in black and white. She said that:

“It’s set in 1890, and we’re shooting on 35mm black and white stock, virtually unheard of nowadays. Most black and white movies are shot in colour, and then converted to black and white in post. The dailies look beautiful; it’s very exciting.” 

 The film takes place in Nova Scotia in the early 20th century and is about an aging lighthouse keeper named Old.