Rumor Mill: Final Blood: Rambo 5 Back On With Stallone Directing

Rambo 5 may be happening after all. 

While it felt like the last Rambo movie gave the character some type of closure, it looks like Stallone may be working on getting the character back in to cinemas. For years, they've toiled with a fifth and final entry about the heroic bad ass, but things never seemed to get off the ground. Now, several sites including Screen Daily are reporting that Millennium Media plans on shopping the project in Cannes this week. Apparently, Stallone wants to take directorial control this time. 

Early reports are saying that Rambo might be fighting the Mexican cartels this time around. In recent years there have been discussions about him battling a mysterious creature. Numerous other ideas have been floated. However, this one seems timely. The film is supposedly set for a September 1st start date with a script already completed. 

To play devil's advocate, we've heard this story before. Hopefully, this time it's true. After the last film's sheer brutality, it would be cool to get one more go round with Rambo.