Trailers: First Trailer For Gaspar Noé's Climax

Italian-Argentine filmmaker Gaspar Noé has released the first trailer for Climax, his 5th full-length feature of Italian-Argentine filmmaker Gaspar Noé that will be screened at the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

All of his full-length films have screened at Cannes, often thrilling and dividing audiences. This is his first French-language film since Irréversible and is set in the mid-90s, according to information uncovered by The Playlist. 

"The storyline, also the work of the director, focuses on a group of around twenty young street dance enthusiasts. They come together for a 3-day boot camp in an abandoned boarding school in the thick of a forest. They finish their final group dance, then set about celebrating their last night, gathered around a big bowl of sangria. In no time at all, the atmosphere becomes electric, and a strange madness overcomes them as the night progresses. It’s clear that they’ve been drugged, but they don’t know why or by whom. In time, transfixed by the hypnotic and increasingly electric rhythm of the music, they struggle to restrain their neuroses and psychoses… Some of them feel they’re floating in a heavenly paradise; most, however, are plunged into the deepest depths of hell…"