Videos: The Documentary Short Film Look Up - High-Stakes Arboreal Therapy

This is the documentary short film Look Up.

The documentary follows expert tree climber Tim Kovar as he takes peopl on an unforgettable journey. Kovar founded the Tree Climbing Planet, a tree-climbing school in Oregon City, Oregon, and has been teaching tree climbing for around twenty years. 

"High-stakes arboreal therapy for the nature deficit disorder you probably have. Once a year, adventurous arborist and tree climbing instructor, Tim Kovar takes a select few on a climb up one of the tallest tress in the world — a summit he says less people have attempted than Mt. Everest. For an unforgettable way to battle nature deficit disorder and re-connect with the Earth, we purchased a couple carabiners and brought way too much camera equipment 180 feet up an 850-year-old California redwood called “Grandfather” to see how squirrels dream. Whatever happens, don't forget to look up."