Videos: The Sci-Fi Short Film Toonocalypse

This is the short film Toonocalypse by Owen Rixon. It stars James Carney, David Kaye, Sally Magnusson, Matt Martin. Check out the synopsis and short film below.

Two students document the arrival of cute, cartoon aliens in Edinburgh, but after a year on Earth, the pair discover the true intention of the aliens visit.

Toonocalypse follows students John (David Kaye) and Michael (Matt Martin) and their account of an alien invasion of Edinburgh. Through the lens of John’s hand-held camera, and over the course of a year, these cute, cartoon aliens, better known as “Toons”, become accustomed to and integrated into John and Michael’s lives and our society. John is far more laid-back and relishes the Toons’ arrival, seeing them as toys for him to play with. Michael on the other hand is far more sceptical and wary of them, unwilling to let them into his house and life. Over the year, Michael warms to the Toons and eventually sees them as friends as opposed to John who still sees them as dispensable play-things. On the first anniversary of the Toons’ arrival on Earth the Toons which were so cute and cuddly before suddenly become larger and more aggressive. In their attempt to escape danger, John and Michael come across Charles (James Carney), a zoology student who has a theory as to what is happening to the Toons. Now armed with the information which could save their lives, John and Michael attempt to escape the streets of Edinburgh before falling victim to the Toons true intentions.