Box Office News: Falcon Crash: Solo Flops Despite High Estimate For Its Second Weekend

Typically, box office estimates are relatively close to what a film might actually take in on any given weekend. For some reason, no one could totally predict what Solo was going to do. Early word of mouth and a troubled production definitely played into the film's poor numbers at the box office. Also many fans questioned whether or not another actor could play the classic character, Han Solo. Now, the word flop is definitely being thrown around and it's starting to look like it's actually qualified. Solo has the worst numbers of any movie in the Star Wars universe. 

Second weekend estimates reported that the movie would come close to $60 million in its second weekend. Unfortunately for Lucasfilm and Disney, the movie  didn't even scratch the surface. Bear with us, we're only reporting the numbers. We don't come up with these things. The Hollywood Reporter and various other sources have the film only coming in during its second frame with $28-29 million which is disastrous for the feature. For the two weekends, this puts it under $150 million total which is way less than Rogue One made in its opening weekend alone. 

Apparently, there wasn't a strong enough audience so soon after the divisive The Last Jedi. How this effects upcoming Star Wars projects remains to be seen as numerous other off shoots have been planned.