Local Event: The Daedalus 2 Mission: A Space Opera!

If you are looking for a kicking rad stage production that will have you dancing in your seat while simultaneously tugging at your heart strings then The Daedalus 2 Mission is definitely up your alley. With its mixture of '50 era sci-fi costumes, a sprinkle of Ziggy Stardust, and heady philosophical musings, it's an immersive and intriguing show.

The basic premise is that a group of self-aware space probes are sent out on a mission to explore the stars. On their trip they gradually learn about love, fear, hate and finally death. Through their trials and tribulations we can find the parallel between them and the course of real life human history and perhaps learn from their mistakes.

Photo Credit: Michelle Gerard and Chris Gerard

It's a 90 minute show and there is a lot of exposition packed into the narrative. The entire story is told through song (courtesy of musical producer Jim Territo) and they run the gamut with styling, from progressive rock, to electronic and even some reggae! The performers are incredibly spirited with each one imbuing their characters with life and personality. All of them are extremely talented with their instruments and there was even some sexy saxophone noodling! Overall it's a blast to experience and it's paced well so it never feels like it's dragging at any point. The visuals are fantastic as well with lots of atmospheric lighting effects and costume changes.

The Daedalus 2 Mission will have two more showings on June 29th and 30th at Planet Ant in Hamtramck.

Creative Team:

Director: Rachel Biber
Music Director: Jim Territo
Lighting: Noel Montales
Sound: Tony Ross
Costumes: Michael Ameloot & Buddy Vanloon

--Michelle Kisner