News: Camp Motion Pictures Announces The Release Of The Hilarious Horror-Buddy-Cop Hybrid Dick Johnson and Tommygun vs The Cannibal Cop

Independent home entertainment label Camp Motion Pictures announced that it will release action-horror-comedy mash-up Dick Johnson and Tommygun vs. The Cannibal Cop (DJ & TGto digital platforms nationwide on September 11th. Co-directed by indie stalwarts John Renna (Snow Shark, Johnny Gruesome and Return to Nuke ‘Em High vol. 1) and Chris Rados (His Name is Clown Face, Snow Shark), the ripped-from-the-headlines story revolves around a mismatched pair of detectives investigating a series of gruesome murders committed by a cannibal serial killer…who may be closer than they think! 

Shot in Buffalo, New York utilizing mostly local cast and crew, DJ & TG nonetheless features several faces and names immediately recognizable to genre fans: Dan Hicks of Evil Dead 2 and Spider-Man II portrays Captain Phil Phillip; Timothy Patrick Quill of Army of Darkness and From Dusk Till Dawn II tackles the role of Shabby Sammy; genre favorite Debbie Rochon portrays officer Yvonne, Sam Qualiana (Show Shark, The Legend of Six Fingers) is by-the-books straight man Dick Johnson and director John Renna – who also wrote the screenplay - delivers his most hilarious performance to date as slovenly and politically incorrect rogue officer Tommygun. Original music and performances in DJ & TB include “Inside is Out” by Japanese punk band Pinky Doodle Poodle. Details on the limited-edition DVD release scheduled for fall of 2018 expected shortly. Check out the synopsis and stills below.

"Two mismatched homicide detectives are forced to team up and stop a serial killer in this horror / buddy-cop hybrid critics are calling “laugh out loud funny” and “everything a genre cinema fan could ask for.” ( Terror grips a small town in upstate New York as a serial killer targeting young women stalks the streets. Under growing media pressure, Captain Phil Phillips (Dan Hicks, Evil Dead II) assigns two mismatched homicide detectives to the case – meticulous by-the-book rookie Dick Johnson (Sam Qualiana, Killer Rack) and slovenly renegade Jeff Tommygun (John Renna, Johnny Gruesome). With little to go on but an escalating body count and a devious informer, Dick and Jeff must stop a mad man and his crazed cult from killing and devouring over 100 women…before they kill each other. Featuring Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet), Timothy Patrick Quill (Army of Darkness) and an appearance by the Japanese Punk Band Pinky Doodle Poodle."