News: Clive Barker Developing Nightbreed TV Series For SyFy

Perhaps one of the best Clive Barker film adaptations, Nightbreed still has a massive cult following. Now, the director is working closely with SyFy to bring that world of creatures to television. Using a plot that sounds very similar to the plans for a film sequel, the new series will reportedly be about the monsters of Midian looking for a new home after their underground haven is destroyed. Right now, it's said that this will not retell the story of the movie whatsoever but will be a semi-reboot of the property. 

Considering how large a fan base this still has and the amount of interest that Barker maintains in his creations, it will be cool to see a more expanded story centering on the beings of Nightbreed. Barker is working with writer Josh Stolberg (Jigsaw) to develop the show.