News: Franchise Carbonite:All Future Star Wars Spinoffs Are Indefinitely On Hold

As soon as Solo started to show signs of its box office struggles, many were concerned as to what that meant for the ever expanding Star Wars universe. Now, reports are coming in from We Got It Covered and other sources that the brand is not just having growing pains but that Disney and Lucasfilm over estimated what they could do in such a short time. We keep hearing the term "franchise fatigue" thrown around but we're not quite sure if that's it or if the fan outcry over The Last Jedi and the poor box office receipts of Solo are more to blame. Either way, it looks like the Boba Fett movie and other spinoffs have been frozen in carbonite for the time being. We'll update this as we hear more news. But for now, we can be happy that maybe they're taking their fans seriously and that something must be done to lessen the blow.