News: New Stephen King Movie Trapped Announced

Suddenly, Stephen King is everywhere again. With the massive blockbuster IT killing it at the box office last year, the Netflix release of Gerald's Game, and the upcoming remake of Pet Sematary, the author's name is once again one of the biggest things in the world of movies. Now, it looks like we're getting another movie from Mr. King. 

Stephen and Richard Chizmar are developing an original film called Trapped. The two had recently worked on a novella called Gwendy's Button Box and now they've paired to bring another King story to the screen. The script is based on a story by King but was translated to a screenplay by Chizmar himself. Chizmar's son Billy is attached to direct the newest feature film. Pre-production began on June 6th and a shoot date has been scheduled for July. 

As long as all these new King movies get decent budgets and proper people attached, there can never be enough of this stuff.