News: Robert DeNiro Eyed For A Role In Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie

News is hitting today regarding the upcoming Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. As early plans are getting underway for the Todd Philips project, it seems that a big name is being considered for a role in the film that will give us a new back story for the clown prince of crime. The movie will serve as an alternate version of Joker and will not be part of the current universe that's already underway. As a component of an alternate timeline, Phoenix is set to star in a film that they're saying will be more of a gangster epic. 

Now, the studio is attempting to cast Robert DeNiro in a lead role playing a new character, Murray Franklin. With Martin Scorsese attached as a producer and a story that's said to be heavily influenced by that director's crime films. This seems like some great casting that could help set up the further expansion of darker, more serious toned movies for WB and DC.