News: Who Watches The Watchmen? Jeremy Irons Joins HBO's Watchmen Series

While very few details are currently known about Damon Lindeloff's upcoming Watchmen series on HBO, the casting is starting to take shape. The little bit that's been leaked so far seems like it's taking place after Snyder's divisive theatrical release based on the famed comic as it's been said that this will be more a continuation than a reboot or a retelling of the story that unfolded in the comic and movie. A couple weeks ago we reported on the other news that the series will be after the death of Ozymandias. 

Now in today's news, legendary actor Jeremy Irons has officially signed to co-star in the series. Nothing has said about who he'll play but with another major league actor like Irons joining the team, we know for a fact that Lindelof and HBO are taking this seriously. We absolutely cannot wait until this series premieres.