News: Zachary Quinto Says Tarantino Trek May Feature The Abrams Cast

For quite awhile now, the Tarantino Star Trek film has been discussed but no real details have emerged. Fans were unsure of what the plans were for the director's upcoming Trek project. Now, a bit of news has come to light via Kelvin timeline Spock, Zachary Quinto. When questioned regarding the next film in the franchise, he all but confirms that the newer cast would most likely be reprising their roles in what will be a fourth entry for the series. While discussing the next movie with MTV's Happy Sad Confused podcast, he had this to say:

My assumption is that it is with us. That is how it has been presented. You know, until deals are done and contracts are signed and schedules are cleared, nothing is set in stone, so anything can happen. My understanding is Quentin had this idea and they were shaping it and forming it and he is off to do his Manson movie. And it would be after that, that we would go maybe do one with him. Which is pretty exciting, pretty cool.”

This is not a specific confirmation but it seems that the project has at least been mentioned with the more recent crew of the Enterprise.