Rumor Mill: Matt Reeves' The Batman Likely A Reboot With Geoff Johns Departure

Ah, the cinematic world of the DCEU and all the rumors and news that seem to fill our news feed on a daily basis. For the last year or more, we've been treated to dozens of stories regarding the departure of Ben Affleck from the batsuit, even when he denied the coverage. Now, it seems that the story may be changing again. Today, with Geoff Johns job change, Deadline is reporting that it looks like more trouble may be brewing in the DC film universe. They are reporting that the next Batman movie will be another reboot of the character with a new actor stepping into the role. 

With so many shakeups happening over at WB and DC the last couple weeks, all we can say is that anything is possible at this point. Whether Affleck stays in the role remains to be seen. But after the box office failure of Justice League and creative heads either changing roles or leaving, we wouldn't be shocked or surprised at this point.