News: Child’s Play Reboot In The Works

Just after we’ve gotten word that a Child’s Play TV series is in production, we get a new bit of news that MGM is planning a movie reboot of the popular film franchise as well. 

Collider is reporting that Lars Von Klevberg is being tapped to direct, with a script by Tyler Burton Smith best known for Kung Fury.  Reportedly, the film will focus on "a contemporary reboot involving a group of kids...and a technologically-advanced doll that enters their world.".

It sounds like MGM has kept the project under wraps with a code name much like many other projects in the past so they can surprise fans and maintain some secrecy. The rights issues could be why we are hearing about all of this at once as MGM has theatrical rights while Universal has home video rights under the watchful eye of series creator Don Mancini. With the TV announcement it would seem that Mancini’s franchise is moving to TV freeing up MGM to do this reboot.

This announcement leaves so many questions unanswered, but hopes are high.