Comics: Betrothed #5 - Reviewed

Betrothed #5 opens up with Kieron, Tamara, Andy, and Annaleigh being transported back to the school. However, they land right in front of their peers, causing many questions to arise. On top of this, the mutt monster they were fighting was also transported back with them. Tamara fights the mutt using revenge as her motive, but she doesn’t succeed. When the mutt attacks Tamara back, Kieron realizes that the best emotion to have when waging war is love. As he screams the word love, he rips off the arms of the mutt, and defeats him. It is at this moment that I think Tamara realizes not only does Kieron love her, but that she truly loves him back. Meanwhile, Tamara’s sister, General Salander, and her followers are closing in on them as they try to kill them before they can consummate and take up their roles as King and Queen on the planet Priam. Will Tamara’s sister succeed? And what will become of their peers as the school is under attack?

As always, the writing by Sean Lewis is realistic and well done. I appreciate the way he showcases the characters’ personality through his writing. My favorite character in this comic series continues to be Andy, as his character always makes me laugh the hardest, but I was sad that he was not in this installment much, and there wasn’t as much humorous things said by any of the characters either. However, I still think Andy had the best line, when Annaleigh, as she was trying to save him, told him to think of something that makes him smile, and he replied with “titty magazines.”

I also enjoyed the fact that this issue showed more of Tamara’s character shine through, as well as her growth. The parts between her and her sister were especially good as they physically fight each other. This is where Steve Uy’s artwork really shines through. His fight scenes are action packed and extremely dramatic. I love his manga-style drawing and the way he captures the characters through their body language. His use of bright vibrant colors make the images pop on the page. I also like the way the illustrations flow from page to page. If you haven’t started this series yet, and you are interested in science fiction and action adventure comics, I recommend picking this up. Betrothed #5 is available for purchase July 11, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette