Comics: Peek-a-Boo #5 - Reviewed

Peek-A-Boo #5 opens up with the group trying to figure out the best way to rescue Debbie from the creatures. Emmy decides to volunteer to be a distraction for the creatures so the rest of the group can kill them. However, Barry is afraid that she will be killed, so rather than allow her the opportunity, he runs off screaming in an effort to distract the creatures himself. While it does work as a distraction, he ends up getting himself killed in the process. And while Emmy does mourn for him, his death also toughens her up a bit, making her not only want to avenge Barry but also rescue Debbie from their clutches. Will they finally be able to rescue Debbie and solve the mystery behind the identity of these mysterious creatures?

It’s fun to see the characters develop in this comic, especially Emmy and Ron Jr. I liked watching Emmy use a gun on the creatures and fight for revenge even though it was clear that she never held a gun in her life. Ron Jr. also had to grow up a little and fight the creatures when he became injured and was all alone. Watching his expression when one of the creatures came out dressed in his dad’s clothes was priceless. For both of these characters, I enjoyed watching the fear leave their face and be replaced by a look of defiance and anger. The writing by Victoria Rau is realistic and entertaining.

This is one of my favorite comic series. The humor is great! My favorite scene was towards the beginning when Barry tried to be a distraction and attempted to throw the creatures off his trail. He thought he succeeded, and when Emmy complimented his quick thinking, he got cocky and while his back was turned, one of the creatures killed him by running a knife through him. I know the author probably didn’t mean for that scene to be humorous, but watching him be all macho one moment and then dead the next struck me as funny. It was like watching a movie. The art by Marcelo Basile is immaculate! The facial expressions are captured perfectly and show what the characters are feeling. The action scenes are amazing and very well done. If you enjoy horror and haven’t started this comic series yet, I highly recommend getting this. Peek-A-Boo #5 is available for purchase July 18, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette