Interviews: Actress Shanti Lowry Talks About The New Police Procedural Series Bronx SIU

Shanti Lowry, a scene-stealer on TV’s The Game, is one of the stars of the new UMC police procedural series Bronx SIU, which premiered last week.

Bronx SIU, Special Investigations Unit, focuses on an elite task force, based out of The Bronx, that handles all of New York City’s most demanding and difficult cases. Secrets, lies and double lives intertwine as the story of Bronx SIU unfolds. In this superbly paced, action thriller, where no one comes out the same way they went in.

Brian White (Chicago Fire, Ray Donovan, The Shield), Miguel A.Nunez Jr (Tour of Duty), Denise Boutte (Why Did I Get Married?), Ameer Baraka (American Horror Story), Eddie Davenport (Westworld), Leticia Jimenez (Assassination Nation) and Keeland Ellis (Lucky Girl) help make up the support cast of the hottest new action-thriller series of the summer. Bronx SIU is written and produced by Mike Mayhall and Dan Garcia and directed by Mayhall.

TMS: Very solid show! When did you shoot it?

SL: Thank you so much! We shot in the fall of 2017. We shot in locations all around New York City.

TMSAnd did they require you to relocate?

SLI relocated to Brooklyn for about a month for filming.

TMSAnd did Brooklyn support the show?

SLBecause we shot so much on the streets of the city, the community is very much a part of the show. And they couldn’t have been more gracious.

TMSAnd what’s the plan for the roll-out?

SLEpisodes will begin premiering one week at a time on July 19th. Our first season is 8 episodes long.

TMSWho do you play?

SLI play Yolanda Rodriguez. A detective recently promoted to the SIU (Special investigations unit) in the Bronx division. A woman with grit, brains, courage, a dark past and a lot of secrets. Ive never played a character anything like her. Which is the best part!

It was actually a real challenge and a real pleasure to bring Yolanda to life. She goes on such a layered, complex and deeply moving journey. I had a wonderful time researching many different aspects of her life - for about 3 weeks prior to shooting.

TMSAny training required for the part?

SLWe definitely got a crash course in police lingo and procedure lol. Miranda rights? I can say em backwards in my sleep LOL.

Bronx SIU airs on UMC and is available on Amazon Prime.