Interviews: Director Brett DeJager Talks About The Upcoming Horror Film Bonejangles 2

Bonejangles 2: Bride of Bonejangles, the sequel to the hit horror-comedy, Bonejangles (2017), needs your support! An Indiegogo campaign has launched to see that Mr. Bonejangles gets to hack and slash another day!

“We've upped the anty, and we plan on bringing Mr. Bonejangles back in a big way: more over-the-top kills, killer old-school practical-effects, and more of the same humor you've come to love!”, says director Brett DeJager, who is turning to the fans to help fund the in-demand sequel.

Joining Bonejangles 2 are a superlative cast of familiar film faces including Kelly Misek Jr, Jamie Scott Gordon, Julie Cavanaugh, Chris Weigandt, Ben Gersh, Lawrence Wayne Curry, Jordan Phipps and David E.McMahon. More major names are to be revealed over the next few weeks.

Brett DeJager again serves as director, with creator Keith Melcher on screenplay duties.

Picking up after the events of Bonejangles, supernatural serial killer, Edgar Friendly Junior a.k.a. Mr. Bonejangles, is inadvertently resurrected by a mysterious and sinister cult of followers of the succubus witch, Rowena. Mr. Bonejangles wastes no time picking up where he left off and sets his sights on hapless police officer Doug Partridge, the one who got away from him. But Rowena’s followers have plans of their own on Bonejangles.... plans that may spell doom for the very world itself.

At the same time, Doug attempts to move on with his life alongside his one and only love, Sally. But fate has other plans for our heroes. Sally’s older sister, Susan, a.k.a. Susie Homemaker, holds an ever lasting sisterly grudge against Sally that leads to her kidnapping Doug in an insane quest for revenge.

Our heroes soon find themselves trapped between two unkillable maniacs out for blood and things get even worse when these two fiends come face to face in Bonejangles 2: Bride of Bonejangles.

We spoke to Brett about the upcoming film.

TMS: What was the initial appeal for you for Bonejangles, Brett? Dare I suggest a love of classic 80’s and ‘90s horror-comedies?

BD: You are spot on! I have a huge love for classic 80s and 90s horror-comedies. Something about having a comedic element to a horror movie is very appealing to me. Cheesy, well done horror flicks are the best! When I first read Bonejangles, I really couldn't compare it to anything I've ever watched... and that's saying something.

TMSWhat was the original pitch?

BDUnstoppable serial killer + zombies + succubus + hapless cops + homages to all the classics.

TMSWas Keith always going to play the title character or did you first try and court a bigger name?

BDKeith was our last minute decision, and I think it actually turned out really well. It fits in line with what we were trying to accomplish and he saved us a lot of money haha. We did reach out to several bigger names; however we couldn't agree on $$$$$.

TMSKeith is good though! Did he insist on doing his own stunts?

BDA running joke with Keith and him playing Bonejangles is that he's quite blind without his glasses... so whenever he was on screen he really couldn't see what was going on because he didn't have contacts. We had to be really careful not to hurt him.

TMSDo you have to make a movie that serves both hardcore horror fans and also the casual film fan? Is that difficult?

BDI think if you can make a movie that meets the needs of both of those groups then it's a win for you as a filmmaker but I don't think it's entirely possible. Horror fans are great but it's hard to please them sometimes because they know what they want.. so basically it's all about delivering them the goods (creative on-screen kills + good acting + audio that you can hear + story-driven)

TMSHow is the sequel coming along?

BDWe're ready to film Bonejangles 2! As soon as we can finalize the budget.... game on! We're also still casting so plenty more surprises coming to the fans!

TMSWill it be different from the original in terms of tone?

BDBonejangles 2 will fit the tone of the original. So you'll know what to expect going into it if you've seen the first!

TMSCan you say much about the storyline?

BDCheck out our IGG campaign ( to see much more about the storyline!

TMSWho from the original return?

BDRight now we're working on bringing back all the original cast of the characters that didn't die in the original.

TMSWhat’s the goal here? Make some money? Get another job? Give the world the next cult classic?

BDHonestly, I want to make a FUN movie that fans enjoy that also makes my investors their money back. If it becomes a cult classic but bombs for my investors... I may not be able to make another movie ever again. And that's the last thing I want :)

TMSAnd if the first sequel is popular, will there be a third?

BDOh, there will be Bonejangles 3. You better believe it!