News: Joaquin Phoenix Joker Origin Gets the Green Light

The Clown Prince of Crime gets a start date. 

Over the course of the last couple years, much news has been reported on the DCEU and how WB has struggled to establish a congruent set of comic book films that could live up to the catalog of characters they have to work with. Sadly, Justice League underperformed critically, creatively, and financially. With their expanded universe in a state of disarray, word has finally leaked that the Martin Scorsese influenced Joker origin crime epic is definitely happening. 

Today, word broke that Warner has finally given the go ahead to get the film into production this fall. The project is set to start filming in September with a smaller budget of only $55 million which is a far cry from the spiraling costs of their other projects. With Todd Philips at the helm, the movie is said to be an origin film that will build backstory for Joker in an alternate timeline.