News: Lost In Space Season 2 Starts Filming In September

The Netflix remake of Lost In Space was a definite hit for the streaming giant. The re-telling of Irwin Allen's classic story of the Robinson family becoming lost in space was quite divisive with critics but still proved to do big numbers for Netflix. Now, they're prepping to get the next season in front of cameras as soon as possible. News has just hit the web that season two of the science fiction adventure is set to go into production as early as September. They'll be shooting in Vancouver beginning on the 4th of September and will be filming through March. Season two will most likely not premiere until Fall of 2019 when you take into account filming, post-production and the heavy marketing they'll do for the second chapter. 

Lost in Space is a long running property that was originally a television show then was transposed to a big screen adaptation that failed. The Robinson family has found a new home on Netflix that seems to be the right place for them. Hopefully they can squeeze a few good seasons out of this.